FC Cincinnati: Djiby Fall is not the future of the club

After a four goal game and having scored six goals in six games, FC Cincinnati fans were ecstatic about Djiby Fall. While he is still an amazing striker for the club, he will not be the club's future as they plan to head into the MLS.


While most think Fall just came onto the scene, he is actually quite old. Fall, the 32-year-old out of Senegal, has been FCC's best attacking player this season and has reaped the popularity from it. Attackers like Ronaldo and Messi get most of the glory for their goals and likewise for Fall. It has been the wingers though that should be praised. Fall has still been an animal in air, notching four of six goals from crosses and just two on the ground.

At 32, Fall will most likely stay with the club after LA Galaxy interest waned following his biting incident. Fall was suspended six games for that and returns to USL action tomorrow. Nonetheless, Fall's MLS aspirations could be highest if he stays in the Queen City. With Fall likely to stay and still aging, by the time FCC hits the MLS market, he could be 33 or 34.

By that time in most strikers careers, they begin to fall off. Fall might experience the same type of drop. This is why the future of the club can not be built around Fall. McLaughlin, who is a young 24-year-old winger, is likely to be one of FCC's key attacking pieces, so he might soon be known as the face of the FCC attack.

Transfers and loans still happen, so we might not even know who the face of FCC will be when the club gets granted their MLS bid.

(Photo courtesy of @baye_djiby/Twitter)