FC Cincinnati shines as the team garners national media attention

FC Cincinnati did the unthinkable and pulled off the miraculously upset against a stronger opponent in the Chicago Fire. Winning in thrilling fashion as Mitch Hildebrandt stopped three of the four Fire penalty kicks, the national media was in awe as the mid-table USL team beat their second straight MLS opponent.

Just a few days before that, U.S. soccer.com wrote about how Cincinnati has been the pinnacle of the soccer revolution.

"Cincinnati, Ohio is the capital of American Soccer. Let it sink in. Say it out loud and let it roll around your mind. For the moment at least, all eyes are on this city where the Licking and Ohio rivers meet, known more for a devotion to bats, mitts, and the oval kind of football. “There’s a perfect storm going on here,” midfielder Andrew Wiedeman told ussoccer.com about his second-tier FC Cincinnati, on a run to the Round of 16 of the 2017 U.S. Open Cup that is drawing huge crowds to a downtown dead as doornails not long ago."

This came prior to the Chicago Fire which could easily have one-upped the victory over the Columbus Crew. This Round of 16 game was covered by ESPN which was another source of national media on the team. Being broadcast on the flagship ESPN channel, thousands were able to see the fantastic atmosphere in the Queen City. 

After the unthinkable victory, the national media really caught onto how special this Open Cup run has been. SB Nation, one of the leaders in sports blogging, said this about Wednesday night:

"So you can choose to take an LOL NOTHING MATTERS attitude about what Wednesday night meant for FCC and American soccer if you really want to. It’s possible that the U.S. Open Cup Round of 16 getting on ESPN was a one-time thing that will never be repeated, that FCC will be shut out of MLS expansion, that no form of pro/rel ever comes, and that this goes down as the best moment in FC Cincinnati’s history. But I see Wednesday night differently."

Both Business Insider and Forbes got in the action, each writing a fantastic piece about FC Cincinnati. At the end of the day, FCC made a statement, and the national media caught onto it.