It's on: FC Cincinnati announces USWNT friendly at Nippert and more

Earlier today, FC Cincinnati announced that the United States Women National Team will be coming to Nippert on Septemeber 19. They will be playing New Zealand. The United States, who are the top-ranked women's national team, will be playing a New Zealand side that barely breaks the top 20.

The last time these two teams faced each other the United States' women dominated, winning 4-0 on April 4. FCC announced this with national team player Rose Lavell in the house to give some thoughts on the game.

As usual, this game should draw a massive crowd. Jeff Berding, the team's president, announced this news live on Facebook with over a thousand people streaming it.

This was not the team's only announcement. FCC also announced that they will be sponsoring a women's development academy in Cincinnati. The team, which has grown wildly popular in the Queen City, is dedicated to continuing youth development. This is a big step in the right direction for both Cincinnati and women's soccer.

Along with all this, the team announced a new license plate that will feature the team's logo. All the proceeds from the sales of the plates will go to supporting the development academy.

Here is Berding holding a sample of the license plate:

While FCC, as a team, has hit a rough couple of games in their schedule, the buzz and attention that the team garners has not dropped off. FCC returns home Sunday against the Richmond Kickers, so continue to come out and support the team!