FC Cincinnati falls to Rochester in a disgraceful display of refereeing

(Photo Credit: Alex Vehr, CincinnatiSoccerTalk.com)

FC Cincinnati fell to Rochester 3-2 in a match decided by the referee. To say this was a normal game could not be farther from the truth.

It started out rather quietly, each team getting several chances early. Rochester broke the 0-0 draw with a 12th-minute go-ahead goal from Jochen Graf. Only fifteen minutes later in the 27' Djiby, while challenging for a header, is judged to have fouled Rochester's Fewo and sees a yellow for the call. In the 29', Jimmy McLaughlin pokes an equalizing goal home from outside the box tying the game at 1-1. After a pretty even and quiet first half, it ended on a rather harsh note. Nearing the 44', Djiby is shown a second yellow and is thrown off for what seemed to be a fair challenge on Rochester's Wal Fall and now FC Cincinnati is now faced with 52' down to ten men, but that little did we know, that was only the start of the chaos. One minute later, Wal Fall goes down again on an extremely soft tackle from Josu - he sees a yellow card as well.

At the half, this is what Alan Koch had to say, "I want to see some video of Djiby's two yellow cards because [I'm] pretty certain this is the same ref who has had one of our players sent off before. I hope he is right, for his sake, otherwise, that is bloody disappointing...now we know we have a mountain to climb." Entering the second half, the crowd was still lively and livid after Djiby was sent off, booing Rochester's defender Fall every time he touched the ball.

The 50th minute is where we pick back up when Justin Hoyte challenges a bouncing 50/50 ball knocking Rochester's Farrell to the ground and you guessed it: Hoyte is shown a yellow card. Rochester then sees their FIRST yellow card after Jimmy is cut down from behind in the 54'. After just over 20 minutes later in the 77' Rochester is given a penalty kick for seemingly nothing because, you know, why not. The Rhinos send up Wal Fall, who is still being booed by the 23,000+ crowd at Nippert Stadium, and he puts it in the back of the net putting Rochester up 2-1 on FC Cincinnati. Fall is then awarded a subsequent yellow for the elongated celebration toward the Cincinnati fans. In the 81st minute, Rochester is awarded ANOTHER penalty for what the referee is calling a handball, but you be the judge.

Austin Berry is then shown a yellow card after a justified protest of the handball penalty call. Rochester again sends up Wal Fall and he nets it again, still being booed, to put the Rhinos up 3-1. As FCC tries a corner in the 83', a foul is called on Rochester outside of the box until the line judge quickly corrects the lead referee informing him it was inside of the box and a penalty kick is earned for FC Cincinnati. After "ref, you suck" chants erupt in Nippert, the ref walks over to the crowd near the FC Cincinnati bench, pauses the action, and then gives a straight red card sending off backup goalie Dallas Jaye. The ref then immediately ejects Cincinnati's goalie coach as well. After two ejections on the bench, FC Cincinnati's Danni K├Ânig punches the penalty kick home, his seventh in USL play putting him tied for sixth in the Eastern Conference in goals scored, Rochester still led 3-2. The catastrophe ended in the 92' when the ref shows his last yellow card of the night to FC Cincinnati's Kenny Walker.

FC Cincinnati fans left Nippert furious after the team is shown five yellow cards and 3 ejections in the referee's quest to decide the game himself. Guido Gonzalez Jr., the referee for tonight's match, has appeared in 24 matches and shown 88 yellow cards. 

All Alan Koch had to say tonight after the match was, "That was a joke." All we can do is wait and see how the USL responds to the atrocious display of refereeing tonight. 


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