Exclusive: Our Q&A with midfielder Aodhan Quinn

Former Louisville City midfielder and captain Aodhan Quinn made his move to FC Cincinnati this season. Quinn played his collegiate ball at both Bradley University and the University of Akron. He also played on the Seattle Sounders U-23 team. Now, 25, the midfielder has been excellent for the second year club, FC Cincinnati.

Quinn took some time, which we were very grateful for, and answered some of our questions.

Was being the 52nd pick in the MLS draft one of the most exciting aspects of your soccer career?

Quinn: It was an awesome feeling. Being able to realize a dream that I always had was fantastic but it was also just the start of an exciting journey which I think I was more excited about.

We know you came over from Louisville City, is there anything extra about the rivalry to you?

It became a big rivalry last year because of how well both teams did and were fighting to be in the best position possible in the table. Obviously, this year with Kadeem and I coming this way and Luke going that way, it has made it a bit more exciting. I enjoy playing them because I have a lot of close friends on the team so I always want to beat them, but as far as Louisville treated me when I was there and since I have come here has been nothing but the utmost class so that doesn't go unnoticed to me.

After missing the opening PK against the Fire, what was going through your head as you went back with your teammates? Did you still have faith in your team to pull the upset off?

I was disappointed because I felt I let the team down. I know it's part of the game so that will happen, but I expect to always score my penalties and was disappointed with that. But, I had all the faith in Mitch and the other guys that they would bail me out and they did which made for an incredible night.

Did making both PK’s against Richmond renew your confidence moving forward or was it never lost?

I was happy I was able to redeem myself quickly, but most importantly help the team lock that game up and get the 3 points. As far as my confidence, it wasn't lost. I know what I'm capable of and know how hard I've worked so I have great belief in myself.

You’re listed as a midfielder but have also played some winger. Has midfielder always been one of your favorite positions?

I've always been a center mid ever since I could remember. I played a little bit outside forward when I first got to Akron but that was more of just adjusting to the type of football we played at Akron. I use to be more of an attacking mid, but as I grew in the game I've been moved to more of a box to box midfielder or defensive midfielder. I enjoy playing in the middle because I like getting on the ball and trying to dictate the game.

Which do you prefer: cheeseburger or pizza?

Tough one... I'll say a good cheeseburger!

We thanked Aodhan for his time and wish him the best with his time at FC Cincinnati!