FC Cincinnati has a better average attendance than these 69 sports teams

FC Cincinnati has been doing things that are unparalleled by any other team in the United Soccer League. 

Starting with their successful third place finish in the club's inaugural season, FC Cincinnati has continued to be the rave of the Queen City. Now, the hype that this team has brought is breaking records. They are the first United Soccer League team to average over 20,000 fans per match, including two huge matches against the Columbus Crew and Chicago Fire which both drew in over 30,000 fans. This puts them in a tier of their own when it comes to average attendance among other USL teams. 

The other day, I was just thinking about how successful the team has been, so I decided to compare their average attendance with those of other major professional sports in the United States. Here is how they rank among the top five sports in the US. 
FC Cincinnati, for comparison's sake, has averaged exactly 20,063 fans per game. There are several factors that go into bringing fans to the game. Ticket prices, the number of home games, and interest in the sport are all huge factors in attendance. Just to show how crazy FCC's numbers have been, the average attendance for USL games is a low 4,371 which is just a bit less than the NASL's 4,472. Seeing those makes what FCC is doing even more incredible.

Compared to the NBA, FC Cincinnati draws more than the majority of the league. To be fair, there are only five NBA arenas that sit over 20,063. Of those five, only Chicago and Cleveland successfully pull in over 20,000 and both are over FCC's average. Ticket prices for the games are also much different. A good NBA ticket can cost over $150 while a fan can sit right by the pitch at Nippert for just $10.

NFL, where the teams only play about 10 home games including preseason, easily dominate FC Cincinnati. The highest, the Dallas Cowboys, bring in more than 4x FCC and even the lowest, the Oakland Raiders, still bring in double what FCC does. Even with high prices, the scarcity of NFL games brings in huge crowds each week.

NHL, a sport not quite as popular in America, has only two teams better than FCC. Those are Montreal and Chicago. The Blackhawks are a great, successful franchise, and for Montreal, NHL is much more popular above the Canada-US border so that is understood. NHL arenas are generally not as big, so having two over FCC is extremely impressive.

Now, it is time for the MLB. The MLB teams have huge stadiums, so that is not a problem for them, but getting people to their games is a problem. With about 82+ home games per season and a waning interest in the sport, FCC has managed to beat out Oakland and Tampa Bay, and they are just about 4,000 behind hometown MLB team, the Cincinnati Reds.

The last of the five major sports is MLS, a league FCC hopes to get to one day. MLS is led in attendance by the Seattle Sounders and Atlanta United FC that both topple 41,000 per game. While that is incredible, on the other side of the spectrum, there are teams like San Jose and five other teams that play in stadiums that can't even handle what FCC averages. These numbers would put FCC in the middle of the pack which hopefully is enough to show Don Garber, the MLS commissioner, that this amazing story can continue in the MLS.

FCC has something special going on, and I (and you) should continue to be apart of it.


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