The Day FC Cincinnati Broke the Internet

FCC fans were apparently in a buying mood, as the team's ticketing system crashed under incredibly high demand for U.S. Open Cup tickets against the New York Red Bulls. Fans won't be able to purchase any tickets via the internet or phone until the issue is resolved. As of the time of this posting, the issue hasn't been fixed, and the ticket purchases have been suspended.

I don't think that anyone is really surprised by this, though. The team has seen incredible support throughout its Open Cup run with an attendance of 32,287 against the Chicago Fire and 30,160 against the Columbus Crew. The enormously important game against the New York Red Bulls already had the potential to have an even higher attendance, and today's news that the website crashed shows that it just may. Soccer has become so popular in Cincinnati that websites can't even handle the demand for tickets.

That is beyond impressive for a team that has only existed for two seasons.

Be sure to get tickets to the game on August 15th if you can, and if the website decides to finally cooperate. Nippert Stadium is most definitely going to be the loudest place in the city, and the atmosphere will be incredible. If you can't watch in person, information for television or online viewing will be posted by the team. Either way, be sure to watch this game and support FCC as they continue to make history.

This is just the way that FC Cincinnati wants to begin one of its biggest weeks as a team. They play rival Louisville on the 12th then they play the Cup match the 15th. Two huge matches in with just three days separating them. Ironically, the following Saturday, August 19, FC Cincinnati plays the Red Bulls II.

These three games will be must watch for FCC fans.