FC Cincinnati escapes Pennsylvania with one point

FC Cincinnati must learn to succeed on the road, but they luckily got one point tonight.

Following a 1-1 draw in front of an impressive home crowd, FC Cincinnati tied 1-1 in Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg. The Islanders sat 13th on the Eastern Conference table before the match and needed the three points to possibly put them closer to FCC, who sits 8th in the East.

The first half was quiet as the team's entered the break scoreless. Then, Harrisburg City broke the tie with this goal that ended up being the game-winner.
FC Cincinnati did not seem too active on the offensive end until after goal, which for upcoming games must be addressed.  After the goal and with the substitution of leading scorer Djiby Fall, FCC looked alive, and they were the aggressors for much of the second half with scoring chance after scoring chance.

Greig had one fantastic chance off a Harrisburg saved but was pulled down in the box without a call. The team was missing Corben Bone in the middle and Tyler Polak exited early with an injury. Polak, since he had returned, had been a star for the popular club. But, in the 94', they did execute, and it was Jimmy McLaughlin. Here is the speed demons goal to give FCC a much-needed point.
FCC didn't have much else to show for tonight's match. While disappointing, remember FCC had zero shots on goal to start the second half. They proved that they can attack, but it must be much more consistent moving forward.

FCC will move up to No. 7 in the East, and their road record moves to 2-8-2. Even if FCC makes the playoff, their first game will be on the road against a tough opponent, and this issue of succeeding away from Nippert might continue to disappoint the fans at home.