FC Cincinnati clinch playoff spot

Going into Thursday night Orlando City B were the only team that could knock FC Cincinnati out of playoff contention. They would have to win in order to have a shot at the 8th seed. A draw or loss for Orlando City would keep them out of the top 8 and clinch FC Cincinnati a definite playoff spot.

In a very entertaining match, Tampa Bay would come out on top after 93 minutes of play with two goals, one in the 74th minute from Georgi Hristov and a game sealer in the 92nd minute from Sebastian Guenzatti. The Tampa Bay win puts them in 2nd place with a guaranteed home opener in the post season, and locks Orlando out for good. As a result, FC Cincinnati will remain in the top 8, no matter what happens in their match in Toronto, securing their second postseason in a row.

Right now FCC sits in 8th place with 43 points and could move up the table with a few different permutations.

FCC can only reach 6th place with a WIN + Bethlehem DRAW/LOSS + New York DRAW/LOSS

Should New York WIN, FCC can only reach 5th place if they WIN + Bethlehem DRAW/LOSS or FCC DRAW + Bethlehem LOSS

If FCC loses or Bethlehem matches or gets a better result, Cincinnati will remain in 8th place.

Regardless of where FCC finishes, their first postseason match will be on the road. If they remain in 8th place they will travel down to 1st place Louisville for what will be an entertaining match (hopefully much different than the last time the two played). Placing 5th or 6th would match them up against either Rochester, Charleston, or Tampa Bay depending on results from other matches on Saturday. However, the higher seed they get, the better the chances of getting a playoff game at home down the line should they become the higher seed in a matchup. At 8th place, they would be on the road for the entirety of the playoffs no matter what.

FC Cincinnati finishes their second regular season this Saturday, October 8th in Toronto at 7:30 pm.