FC Cincinnati looks to continue hot streak against Ottawa Fury FC

Photo taken by Jamie Smed-Twitter

When/Where-The match is at TD Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at 2 p.m. This is FC Cincinnati’s third of four straight away matches to end the season for the club.

How to watch-You can watch the match on the USL Youtube channel, or on FC Cincinnati’s website. Also, you can watch it on television on Local Star 64.

The Rundown

In FC Cincinnati’s next-to-last game the team will face Ottawa Fury FC, a club that has been in significantly poor form of late. The club has gone 10 straight games without winning a match, with seven being losses. Ottawa Fury FC is built as a defense team, and it will be difficult for them to score more than one goal. In their last five games, the club has either scored one goal, or none at all.

Ottawa’s defense is as stout as they come. They held teams like Louisville City FC and Charleston Battery to only one goal, which is a sign they have what it takes to stop strong offensive clubs. The key defender in Ottawa’s defense that FC Cincinnati attackers will see a lot of in this game is Ramon Martin Del Campo. Del Campo is 6 foot 3 inches, which will be very important on the many crosses and corners FC Cincinnati will have. He will probably follow Djiby, and is very good at being disruptive in the attack.

Ottawa may not be as prominent a goal-scoring team as FC Cincinnati, but they do have someone high in the leaderboards in goals, Steevan Dos Santos. Dos Santos has nine goals this season, and the defense will need to know where he is at all times.

In the last match between these two clubs, FC Cincinnati won 3-1, and Steevan Dos Santos scored the one goal for Ottawa. In that game, Konig, McLaughlin and De Wit all scored, which is encouraging that the club might be able to continue their unbeaten streak.

FC Cincinnati is on a six-game unbeaten streak which began the game prior to the last match between Ottawa and Cincinnati. In those six games, the club has won four and tied two, including a win against fourth-ranked Charlotte. The team is currently the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, and will need to continue this run to even clinch a spot in the playoffs.

This game is very winnable, and is one that the club should win. FC Cincinnati was dominant in the last matchup between the two teams, and I think that it will be the same in this one. FC Cincinnati should win by a score of 2-0, or something similar, but don’t be surprised if it’s closer than the seeds may show.