FC Cincinnati Makes 4-3 Comeback in Toronto

(Photo from @JamieSmed)

The Blue and Orange went into their final regular season game already knowing they had a spot in the playoffs. The only thing to play for was seeding, and with a New York loss, Cincinnati could jump as high as 6th with a win. But with our poor road performance and a 4-0 beat down from Ottawa the previous week, there was doubt if the team would put up much of a fight.

Boy were we wrong.

In the pouring rain in Toronto, FC Cincinnati fell early to an Endoh goal in the 10' after Hildebrandt deflected the initial shot. About 20 minutes later in the 31' Endoh would double the lead after the Cincinnati defense was dismantled. With the first half coming to a close, Cincinnati came to life notching their first goal on a Konig header from a free kick in the 41'. Seconds later Djiby nearly tied it up, but his shot bounced off the post after beating the Toronto keeper.

Cincinnati went into the half down 2-1 but there was a feeling the drama was not over. Shortly after the second half started, Kenney Walker leveled the score with a scorching shot from outside the box in the 48'. Not long after Hundal from Toronto would break away and chip Hildebrandt on the edge of the box to take a 3-2 lead in the 54'. But the game was far from over, and in the 65' McLaughlin takes the game into his hands shredding through the Toronto back line and setting up the easiest goal Djiby will ever score, tying the game at 3-3. With the game coming to a close, Hoyte secured the win in the 86' with a goal thanks to a dime of a pass from Walker, giving the team a 4-3 lead and the first lead of the night. The team closed the game out extremely well with some efficient time management and effective passing and sealed the regular season off with a win.

Right now the team sits in 6th place which would put them on the road to Tampa in the first round of the playoffs. However the team could fall to 7th should Bethlehem beat Saint Louis Sunday afternoon, in this case Cincinnati will play Charleston. However should Bethlehem lose or draw, Cincinnati will lock into 6th place.

Regardless of where they end up, the team put one of their best performances of the season together for their final game, and fans should feel great about the momentum they having moving into the postseason. If they can play with this kind of grit and relentlessness, there's no telling what they could pull off in the postseason.