Wiedeman, Delbridge and Hildebrandt in negotiations as first roster changes announced

Photo taken by Jamie Smed-Twitter

The first roster changes for the club have been announced, and it includes many faces leaving the club, and some already having been resigned for the 2018 season. There will be nine current players on the roster that have already been announced to be returning. These players are Matt Bahner, Garrett Halfhill, Justin Hoyte, Kenney Walker, Corben Bone, Danni Konig, Jimmy McLaughlin, Josu and Sem De Wit. These nine players from the 2017 roster will make the foundation for what the next season of FC Cincinnati soccer will be. They will return to work on Monday, and go through Thanksgiving.

Three players on the roster that are currently negotiating with the club on a new deal are Austin Berry, Djiby and Mitch Hildebrandt. Alan Koch spoke on Hildebrandt, saying that he is not the number one keeper, but wants to bring him back. Another three players that discussions are ongoing with are Paul Nicholson, Harrison Delbridge and Andrew Wiedeman. Jeff Berding spoke on Delbridge, saying that he is a special player and person. These six players’ futures will be announced in the future.

11 players will definitely not be returning to the club for the 2018 season. Their contract extensions have not been exercised, and have not been resigned. They are Kadeem Dacres, Marco Dominguez, Tyler Polak, Kevin Schindler, Kyle Greig, Aodhan Quinn, Aaron Walker, Mele Temguia, Pat McMahon, Dallas Jaye and Dan Williams.

Overall, these changes are massive for the club, as about half of the club’s roster will probably not return next season. But, Alan Koch was brought in to find players, and the players he found this past season were mostly successful. He will have a whole offseason to find more players, and to make the club better. This is where the 2018 season begins. 


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