Increased Expectations for FC Cincinnati in 2018

Photo Credits: Jamie Smed

Is there another year of magic in store for FC Cincinnati? After the signing of Nazmi Albadawi to the Blue & Orange on a multi-year contract, I certainly think so. Naz is a true #10 that will certainly help the FC Cincinnati attack this upcoming season.

While Nazmi Albadawi is a great signing for FC Cincinnati, it has not been an uncommon site this offseason. Alan Koch and company have done a great job recruiting A-list players to compete for a team that is looking to build off its 2017 campaign both on and off the field, and there is evidence that these signings are beginning to add up in a big way.

According to Transfer Markt, FC Cincinnati's roster has the highest combined transfer value of any team in the USL (including MLS 2 teams) at $7.08 million dollars. For comparison, Phoenix Rising is in 2nd place at $6.53 million.

Even if you look at the average transfer value per player, FC Cincinnati is still in first at $262,500 per player.

This information shows that Carl Linder III, Jeff Berding, and Alan Koch are bringing in high quality players to compete in 2018. It is clear that these guys have the same goal in mind: Win, win, and win some more.

Obviously, this information also puts a lot of pressure on the club to compete for a USL Cup this season. The more your players cost, the more your supporters expect you to win, and win big. While having money and high value players doesn't always equal success, it certainly does increase your odds (see late 1990's-early 2000's New York Bankees Yankees).

Having high valued players is a refreshing chance of pace. Honestly, I don't know about you, but I'm tired of Cincinnati being the little guy when it comes to obtaining and keeping high quality players. I remember when Bengals owner Mike Brown got fined for failing to meet the salary cap floor. I remember time and time again the Reds having to trade away their best players because of their inability to pay them.

Honestly, I'm ready to be the New York Yankees of the USL. I don't care if opposing fanbases hate our guts because of our ability to sign and pay elite talent in the league. As long as we win, we will have the last word over them. Nobody may like us, but hey that's okay.