Weekly News Roundup: January 29-February 4

Picture taken by Jamie Smed-Twitter

I’m sorry we weren’t able to release a news roundup last Sunday. I felt there was not enough news to warrant an article being written. Once the season starts, these news roundups will most likely cease to exist due to the matches being the news, and all of those will have article written about them. Anyway, enjoy the article!

New home and away kits to be unveiled tomorrow-Ever since the original home and away kits were taken off the FC Cincinnati online story, fans have been wondering when the new kits would be unveiled. Now, we finally have the date, tomorrow February 5. FC Cincinnati has released two videos teasing the fans, but never actually showed the jersey, only the shorts.

Tommy Heinemann released-Forward Tommy Heinemann, who FC Cincinnati signed following the 2017 USL season from the now-defunct San Francisco Deltas, was released by the club last week. Cincinnati Soccer Talk reported that Heinemann had a torn ACL, and would be unable to play any of the upcoming 2018 season. However, Heinemann’s agent disagreed with that report, releasing a tweet saying Heinemann was completely healthy. I don’t know what it is about Florida, but something weird seems to happen right before the club leaves for Florida.  

FC Cincinnati travels to Florida-The season is almost upon us, and FC Cincinnati has left on their annual trip to IMG Academy in Florida. This is the first time we will get to feast our eyes on the new club since October, and it will be interesting to see how the new roster works together. The first preseason match is Tuesday, February 6.

Josu and Jimmy McLaughlin return to the pitch-After preseason treatment for both players, they returned to the pitch this past week prior to the club leaving for Florida. Many people knew about Josu’s rehab, but there were some who didn’t know about McLaughlin’s. It will be interesting to see how the old FC Cincinnati crew is integrated with the new group Alan Koch has brought in.

One more signing to happen before the beginning of the season-Tommy Heinemann’s release has opened up one more spot on the club, and Alan Koch will be taking advantage of it. Cincinnati Enquirer write Charlie Hatch asked Koch, and he wasn’t vague about the situation.

Mark Mallory hired by FCC-Former mayor of Cincinnati Mark Mallory was hired by the club, and this is important because Mallory is from the West End, and still lives there. Sharon Coolidge wrote an article about this hiring by the club, and what it could mean for FC Cincinnati.

Here: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/02/02/how-serious-fc-cincinnati-west-end-club-hired-mark-mallory-do-outreach/300304002/

USL rule changes-Lastly, there have been some rule changes in the USL. One of the changes is that clubs can trade or sell one of their seven international roster spots. FC Cincinnati may look to take advantage of this new rule. After the end of the season, all rosters will return to a maximum of seven international roster spots. One other rule change is that matches will be considered official only after reaching the 70th minute, compared to previous seasons where it was after the first half. Of course, playoffs would still be played until there is a winner.