City Council Approves West End Stadium Deal

After a months long journey that started back in December, FC Cincinnati finally has its stadium. The Cincinnati City Council vote today to approve the the plan for Jeff Berding's 21,000 seat stadium in the West End and provide $33.8 million for infrastructure around the stadium site. The votes came down as such

  • Greg Landsman - NO
  • Jeff Pastor - YES
  • Tamaya Dennard - NO
  • PG Sittenfield - YES
  • Christopher Smitherman - YES
  • David Mann - YES
  • Amy Murray - YES
  • Chris Seelbach - NO
  • Wendell Young - NO
  • Final Count - 5 YES / 4 NO
The vote went as expected after the ordinance passed through the City Budget & Finance Committee early in the day. While the votes went the teams way, many in attendance were not in agreement. There was a lot of dissenters in attendance that let their voice be heard, also occasionally lashing out at the officials and Jeff Berding who was in attendance as well. There was also support in the crowd, most notably Omar Cummings, a former player for FCC but still involved deeply with the team.

With the stadium having been approved. The ball has been left in MLS' court. The MLS Board of Governors will be meeting tomorrow and they will surely be having a discussion about the current expansion situation, and will hopefully come to a decision to extended a hand out to the Queen City. It's unclear how soon we will know what MLS decides, but the hope is that we hear news as soon as this week about what they discuss.

In some other little news, documents presented to City Council identified FCC as "Fussball Club Cincinnati" departing from the "Futbol Club Cincinnati" we know now. This is surely a small sign of what will be future rebranding for the franchise should they get the expansion nod.

Of course, Bailey Banter will have all of your FCC news here, especially should anything happen concerning MLS expansion. Also look forward to our coverage of the second home game this weekend.