FCC Midfielder Out With "Serious" Knee Injury

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(Jan. 21, 2019).  This afternoon, around 4:30p, FC Cincinnati announced that its 25 year-old midfielder suffered a "serious" knee injury.

It is reported that Jimmy McLaughlin was in Philadelphia on January 9th completing a personal workout when he injured his knee.

It is unspecified which knee, how the injury happened or what exactly is injured, but McLaughlin met with the team during their opening meetings on January 20th and 21st and is set to return to Philadelphia later this week for further evaluation.

Although it is still up for question what occurred, it is clear this is a substantial injury.  The team wants to be sure what they are dealing with before diagnosing further and reporting a time table for return.

FC Cincinnati's first MLS game is not until March 2, 2019 when the club will face the Seattle Sounders at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, WA.  It remains a mystery whether or not they will have McLaughlin back for the game... or even the season.

(Update): At 7:21p, Jimmy McLaughlin posted to his personal Twitter account.  He addressed FCC fans and friends with a message of hope and agony.  McLaughlin thanked supporters for their endearing messages of hope and healing, but the biggest news followed shortly after.  He stated, "injuries are never part of the plan, but I will embrace the harsh reality."

Speculations of the severity of this injury sprouted when the team used the word 'serious' to describe the news, but McLaughlin's verbiage does not sound any more optimistic.