FC Cincinnati yet again disrespected in ESPN's Week 4 Power Rankings

What is going on? Why do analysts not believe in this FC Cincinnati team after two straight wins and four points off three roads trips?

After their second straight victory, a 2-0 road win against the New England Revolution, FCC was gifted the 15th spot in ESPN's MLS Power Rankings, up just two spots from their previous ranking.

Here's what ESPN's Jason Davis had to say about the expansion club that's taken the league by storm.
We're a result or two away from people legitimately pondering if FC Cincinnati is good ... in an MLS expansion season using a roster heavy with USL holdovers. FCC now has four points from games against 2018 MLS Cup finalists and four points from games on the road. Circle the home date against Sporting Kansas City in two weeks.
ESPN has them behind an NYCFC that's seen three straight ties and a winless Atlanta United FC. 

This disrespect doesn't come as the world's biggest shocker considering most outlets have been skeptical of FCC's success so far this season. They need to do more. Why should they have to continue to prove themselves more than many of the teams in front of them?

Yes, we are an expansion team, but yes, we destroyed Portland and New England. This team is legit, and it's about time ESPN respects us with a half-decent ranking.


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