MLS Commissioner Don Garber credits The Bailey, stadium for successful MLS bid

Cincinnati wouldn't be the same without FCC.

While many Cincinnatians don't believe that statement, those that crowd The Bailey game in and game out certainly do, and it's been their dedication that has helped take the MLS by storm.

Combine their efforts with the promised of a soccer-specific stadium, and you have the perfect MLS bid.

That's exactly how Commissioner Don Garber looked at it when comparing FCC to many other possible locations such as Sacramento and Detroit.
The Bailey isn't the largest part of the stadium, but it brings the most noise throughout just about every minute of game time. It's been the heartbeat of this FCC team which has seen quite the personnel shift from its last USL season, only maintaining a handful of players that see limited time.

Both The Bailey and Jeff Berding's ability to highlight and maintain such passion has been and will be key moving forward.