The startling trend between home and away games for FC Cincinnati

After losing to LAFC, FC Cincinnati is now sitting in 7th place in the Western conference- winning only two games while drawing two and losing three. 

While these numbers aren’t exactly spectacular, if you look closer you can read in between the lines of the Orange and Blue’s home and away games, you can see an interesting pattern.

Losing three games out of their first seven isn’t ideal. We know that. But, comparing their home and away games might be key to answering some questions about their form. 

In FCC’s first home game, they were able to smash Portland with a scoreline of 3-0 while overall dominating the game. FCC’s only home defeat came against a strong Philadelphia Union side who were able to find the back of the net twice while FCC was never able to. To be fair, that game was played in the tsunami conditions that graced Cincinnati.

But make no mistake, the Orange and Blue’s home games are where FC Cincinnati is able to channel the energy of the entire city and use that as an advantage at Nippert Stadium. 

While FCC looks strong on the home field, the same cannot be said about their away games. 

Losing their first game of the season at Seattle, tying Atlanta, and losing to LAFC- the away games have left more to be desired. 

However, not all of these score lines have to be seen as negative. The Orange and Blue tying Atlanta could be seen as almost a win instead of a tie- considering Atlanta won MLS Cup last season. Unfortunately, the score lines against Seattle and LAFC aren’t the same. 

FC Cincinnati didn’t get points in any game and their overall play was lacking.

Overall, while FCC has played explosive at home, their away form needs some work. 

The players and the coaching staff needs to dig deeper to find out a way to play as well away as they do while in Nippert Stadium. If they’re able to play away games like they do home, it should be no problem gaining points every week. 

However, not all is lost for FCC. 

They play their next game at home against Real Salt Lake this Friday where they’ll be looking to pick up some vital points. 

It's home. Against a subpar opponent. Let's pray for three.


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